Ruin (The Ruin Saga #1)

 Ruin - Ruin Saga Book 1 - Cover

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The End cost humanity six billion lives. Almost every person on Earth vanished when the lights went out, computers turned to dust, and planes fell from the sky. Only scattered survivors remained, surrounded by a world empty and quiet.

Now, forty years on, civilisation is failing. The ways of the Old World have been forgotten, and those who knew its wonders are ageing. All that stands between the British Isles and a new Dark Age is the mission of New Canterbury, desperate to save books, art, and the knowledge needed to begin again.

Famine has devastated the land and refugees wander in their thousands. Anger is growing against the city and the demands of its sacred mission. In the wild lands surrounding New Canterbury, dark secrets fester, supernatural forces have awoken, and somewhere an army is on the move, hell-bent on ending the Old World forever.

The End was just the beginning.


Brink (Ruin Saga #2)Brink - Ruin Saga Book 2 - Cover

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Earth has been almost silent for forty years. The apocalypse left behind only fragments of civilisation, surrounded by a sea of barbarism.

But now the true End is in sight: the horizon is alight with burning villages, two cities lie in the shadow of an army gathering in the North, intent on ending the old world forever. And somewhere, a supernatural force is on the move, pushing its servants into place: a young girl with special powers, and a man whose destiny might decide the fate of all.

While ominous swarms of pigeons plague the sky, the world grows quieter, and dark forgotten secrets are revealed – secrets of betrayal, love, and obsession – the army in the North prepares to leave.



Fray - Ruin Saga Book 3 - Cover

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The epic finale of the Ruin Saga…
War. Decades after the End, which caused most of humanity to vanish in a single moment, civilisation is in danger of crumbling forever. Fires line the horizon, distant screams ring out from every direction, and a blanket of shadow descends over all of England.
The last bastions of the Old World are cut off and surrounded. An army marching from the North, and a supernatural struggle between good and evil, threaten the survival of everyone.
Norman Creek and the mission of New Canterbury must overcome their demons and lead the resistance against the encroaching hordes. Outnumbered, outgunned, and alone, they must fight to keep the Old World alive, as the last, great battle of mankind begins.



Frost - Ruin Saga Prequel - Cover

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Awkward Manhattan bookseller Jack Shannon suddenly has his world turned upside down, when an inter-dimensional Scotsman appears from nowhere, blowing his bookstore sky-high. Kidnapped by the seemingly insane Scot-but-not, Jack is hurled into a hidden world behind the world.

As mysterious powers and the call of destiny awaken within him, he is thrust into a race to save the world.

Somewhere in the city lurks a suave, immaculate young professional. Under that beautiful exterior lurks a vicious, primal creature from the shadows of All Where, a servant of the Angelic One. After decades hiding in this world, his trap is finally set.

The End is coming…


Our Fair EdenOur Fair Eden Cover


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It’s 2087, and the Earth’s climate is in wild fluctuation. The Amazon Basin is a sun-baked graveyard, the Gobi is blossoming into tropical beauty, Europe is buried beneath icy tundra, and Manhattan is a swamp of the risen Atlantic. Old paradises are becoming new wasteland, old wasteland a new breed of paradise. Nowhere is safe. Millions flee the world’s cities. But where do they run to?

The UN has an answer: the Eden Projects, colonies drawn from all nations, leading the charge in beginning anew, and developing new technologies to help start over.

Desh can’t believe his luck when he wins the lottery to Eden Prime, most famous of all the Projects, hidden in the heart of Mongolia. But when he arrives in Eden, he finds himself caught in a struggle against a cruel autocracy, divided into gentry and peasants, all under the watchful eye of mysterious Texan matriarch, Mother Eden.

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