Frost – A Ruin Saga prequel

A spine-tingling prequel to the post-apocalyptic fantasy adventure

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Frost: A Ruin Saga prequel - Cover Art

Now available: Frost, a novella that unfolds the mysteries of the Ruin Saga, exploring the End and what caused the terrible apocalypse.

The Ruin Saga has thus far introduced a great many juicy secrets, which have readers chomping at the bit and desperate for the conlcusion. With the final instalment, Fray, due out this November, the series is set for its grand finale. Before the last war of humanity comes to the fore, dive back to before the End, and discover more about the world behind Ruin.

Where have the Vanished gone?
What’s wrong with the radios?
What is the Light?
What role do supernatural forces play?

Find out today! A searing pace, tension that’ll keep your eyes glued to the page, and an unforgettable story.
Whether you’re a die-hard fan or new to the seires, Frost has something to offer, and is a perfect companion to the post-apocalyptic series that tore the world wide open.



Awkward Manhattan bookseller Jack Shannon suddenly has his world turned upside down, when an inter-dimensional Scotsman appears from nowhere, blowing his bookstore sky-high. Kidnapped by the seemingly insane Scot-but-not, Jack is hurled into a hidden world behind the world.
As mysterious powers and the call of destiny awaken within him, he is thrust into a race to save the world.

Somewhere in the city lurks a suave, immaculate young professional. Under that beautiful exterior lurks a vicious, primal creature from the shadows of All Where, a servant of the Angelic One. After decades hiding in this world, his trap is finally set.
The End is coming…

Click here to buy now! ($2.99)

Frost: A Ruin Saga Novella
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