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Publicity and interviews are listed below. If you would like to contact me regarding organising a guest post or interview, please visit the Contact page and send a quick email. Alternatively, contact me via my Facebook channel or Twitter account.

I’m always happy to receive requests, and gladly host fellow authors’ guest posts on my website. If you have a post that you think would be a good fit for the site, by all means follow the links listed above, and get in touch!

Guest Post: Author Interview – 14th December 2012 – Sirens Call Publications

Guest Post: Author Interview – 23rd August 2014 – Speculative Fiction Showcase

Guest Post: Ruin: Analysing a Writer’s Process – 25th August 2014 – Lucas Bale

Guest Post: Author Interview – 12th September 2014 – Spectrum Books

Reader’s review of Ruin – 10th October 2014 – Spectrum Books

Reader’s review of short story Goodnight, Alaska – 28th December 2014 – Chris Hooker

Review: Is Our Fair Eden what lies ahead – 10th April 2015 – Reuters



Climate Change Fiction as Literature’s New Frontier – 23rd July 2015 – HuffPost Tech, Bethan Forrest


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