Frost (Ruin Saga #2.5)

Frost is the spine tingling prequel to the post-apoaclyptic trilogy, the Ruin Saga. When Manhattan is invaded by interdimensional demi-gods, chaos ensues.

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Frost Cover - Ruin Saga

Awkward Manhattan bookseller Jack Shannon suddenly has his world turned upside down, when an inter-dimensional Scotsman appears from nowhere, blowing his bookstore sky-high. Kidnapped by the seemingly insane Scot-but-not, Jack is hurled into a hidden world behind the world. 
As mysterious powers and the call of destiny awaken within him, he is thrust into a race to save the world. 

Somewhere in the city lurks a suave, immaculate young professional. Under that beautiful exterior lurks a vicious, primal creature from the shadows of All Where, a servant of the Angelic One. After decades hiding in this world, his trap is finally set. 
The End is coming…


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