Ruin (Ruin Saga #1)

The Ruin Saga takes die-hard post apocalyptic fiction and introduces elements of destiny and the supernatural, following an unforgettable cast of characters through a world of intrigue and mystery, as the last war of humanity comes to the fore. After the End, what would you fight to save?

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Ruin Saga Book 1 - Ruin

The End cost humanity six billion lives. Almost every person on Earth vanished when the lights went out, computers turned to dust, and planes fell from the sky. Only scattered survivors remained, surrounded by a world empty and quiet.

Now, forty years on, civilisation is failing. The ways of the Old World have been forgotten, and those who knew its wonders are ageing. All that stands between the British Isles and a new Dark Age is the mission of New Canterbury, desperate to save books, art, and the knowledge needed to begin again.

Famine has devastated the land and refugees wander in their thousands. Anger is growing against the city and the demands of its sacred mission. In the wild lands surrounding New Canterbury, dark secrets fester, supernatural forces have awoken, and somewhere an army is on the move, hell-bent on ending the Old World forever.

The End was just the beginning.

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